Our major business is composed of following items, trying to achieve an attractive, consumer-oriented market creation, in addition to our smooth distribution and operation of products to department and specialty stores.

Market Development

*With timely response to the world’s new tide of consumption, we inspire people and the market with creative sparkles, which further creates a new market.

*Marketing and merchandising of global perspective and synergy for intra and international market.

Creation of Space and Corners

*Create and produce the space and corners with merchandise customized to fit locally and specifically.

*Make new proposals of event and gift to invoke demands for purchase.

Product Development

*Product development profiled from styles of life, bringing a new function and a new picture of lifestyle.

*Product selection and assortment made from our accumulation of information on trend from global sources.

*Joint Product Development with media and/or other industries in a collabolated style.

*Interactive product development with consumers.

Sales Promotion

*Accumulated know-how on Visual Merchandising, creation and supervision to stores.

*Effective communication with consumers through media with our strategy.

*Unique know-how on trainging of Cooking Advisor and their delegation working with HR companies.

Active Information and News Release

*Collection, acquisition and distribution of information in general, such as updates on lifestyle domestic and overseas, lastest products of novelties and trend in the industry.

*News and information release to designated market and target customers and consumers.