Creation of
Space and Corners

Having a long history as a major distributor to department stores, Fujii offers nationwide services and supplies to department and specialty stores throughout Japan. Our unique and strong partnership with media makes it possible to realize a distinctive sales space and corners collaborating with influential media, not just simply answering to the feedbacks and expressing seasonality.

We have focused and dedicated staffs in charge of delivery and supporting these space and corners. Surely we are pleased and proud to help produce the renewal and creation of space and corners with confidence.

Fujii offers services of custom-made products, individual import and export on demand in addition to its wide variety of assortment of house wares, including pot and pans, kitchen utencils, electric appliances and interior items.

Our business policy is to pursue and improve customer satisfaction though our key concept, “Kitchen Factory” where we can show the importance of food and deliver the joy to every dining. This concept is at the core of our business and gives birth to lifestyle with novelty and maturity.