• Oct 1923
    Founded Fujii Shouten by the founder Mr. Misao Fujii.
  • Dec 1946
    Developed into a limited company and located at Nihombashi.
  • Apr 1955
    Set up Osaka branch.
  • Apr 1963
    Kichibei Fujii was installed as Chairman and CEO.
  • Aug 1968
    Head office moved to lchiban-cho from Nihonbashi as business developed.
  • Apr 1981
    Newly founded Housewares Division develop the new business field of housewares in the future.
  • Aug 1981
    Changed the company name to “Fujii Co., Ltd.” for corporate identity.
  • Jun 1987
    New office completed as the name of FS bldg.
  • Aug 1993
    Built online network between head office and branches.
  • Aug 1996
    Installed Yasuhiro Fujii as president.
  • Aug 2002
    Set up Sendai office.
  • Jul 2008
    Opened “SATELLITE” Fujii Satellite Office located at Osaki, Tokyo.
  • Apr 2011
    Installed Kazuo Miyagawa as president.
  • Sep 2011
    Moved sales, planning and administration division to Osaki, Tokyo.
  • Aug 2012
    Moved Western Japan fulfillment center to Minoh City.
  • Oct 2013
    Founded Kitchen Bay Fujii inc, a subsidiary, in New York.