“Value Connexion” – our idea with a mission
to flourish the life of people through
the growth and evolution of food culture –

Food and Fooding is one of the subject listed on the top of interests nowadays. Provoked by the recent incidents and concern about the safety of food, it is even getting more meaningful and important to look into “Eating at home” and our unique culture of lunch and lunch box style so-called “Obento”. To think seriously of Food and Fooding is to pursue the essentials of human hapiness.

We define the store-front, space and counter as the entrance for food culture and lifestyle and there reflected is our philosophy. To go beyond their expectations and curiosities from people with varied lifestyles, we are expected not just to furnish with superior merchandise, also indispensable is to create and produce attractive style of space for retail, adding the spices of localizaion and its environment.

We call its realizaion as Value Connexion. At department stores, specialty stores….we wish to be your concierge for sophisticated products and services with proposals for a better living and share the same goal with people who as well wish to achieve a better life.